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About Us

Corporate Information

NeamRica Landscape SDN.BHD is an internationally recognized landscape desighning and planning firm established in 2009. Bumitraa landscape is sister concern founded in 2009 to look after indian clients.

As a multi-disciplinary international firm, Neam Rica and Bumitraa offers a wide range of professional services. Since 2009, the firm’s partners are dedicated to creative and technical excellence and high quality service, while providing cost effective and practical design.

Our landscapes are firmly rooted in a comprehensive understanding of site and context, which are developed in conjunction with the client to create spaces that have positive impact.

A rapidly globalized world reveals unparallel opportunities for the profession to reinvent the traditional tools of landscape design in order to create places with local nuance. Neam Rica and Bumitraa is a complete solution provider with an innovative outlook, which gives each project a timeless value. Issues of environmental and ecological concern, sustainability and energy efficiency form an intrinsic part of our approach.

We enthusiastically seek out challenging projects by working in diverse contexts and cultures. From chennai to Malaysia, we see an evolution in the way landscape Design is practiced and our global footprint allows us to leverage this crosspollination across locales. Sumitra has offices at two locations: Chennai and Malaysia with a total strength of 120people. We employ a talented group of landscape architects, urban designers, architects, horticulturists and engineers.

Director Message

Bumitraa Land Scape is led by DR.A.S.Venkatt Sangaya. His creative leadership since 2009 has sought to sustain design excellence. The partners oversee all offices and maintain involvement with every project the firm undertakes. 10 strong professionals including landscape architects, architects, horticulturist and engineers assist them. A director who manages day-to-day operations, maintaining clients contacts and providing quality control, leads each of the offices locally.

Organization & Management

The company had a well defined organizational structure. This is evident when all the their director play an important role in Managing the various aspect of management to ensure maximum results are consistently attained.

The management team which in the key element of the organization are directly involved in organizing planning directing and coordinating all aspect of the operation. they are considered experience and competent in the services activities.

Appended below are the key personal ,which run the day to day activities of the company.